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the moha report

abraq ad habra

the play of professional artists
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the Rehearsal precession
We are pretending to whistle as if nothing has happened.
adbusters, aikido, aix-en-provence, anapanasati, arabic, bahauddin, bahaullah, bake, bhikkhu, bonsai, brew, brian greene, buster keaton, buttons, caution, chaos, charlie chaplain, chicago, chicago art institute, coleman barks, commedia dell'arte, conscientious objector, consciousness, cook, cultural anthropology, culture, detroit, dhamma, discover, e.o. wilson, electromagnetism, entropy, evolution, expression, ferment, feynman, foodlife, foucault, free, french, gaelic, gaia theory, garden, genetic engineering, goji, good, guitar, gödel, harlequin, heal, heisenberg, hemp, herb, hofstadter, homegrown, homeless, homemade, hookah, horticulture, i am that am, independent community radio, iscariot, jd salinger, joshua, kairos, karen armstrong, katrina, kingmaker, knitting, kombucha, krsna, language, latin, linguistics, meditation, mindfulness, miscommunication, nanotechnology, neofuturism, neuroscience, no time, olive, om mani peme hung, opera, organic, pandemonium, peace corps, pilates, planck, playwriting, poet, poverty, principled nonviolent, psychology, rama, random eye movement, remedy, rumi, sail, sapiosexual, sarcasm, sati, screenwriting, seed, sew, short story, siddhartha, sign language, singularity, slashdot, sociobiology, sociology, spanish, sprout, stage management, steady-state theory, strange loop, string theory, swing, tango, the matrix, the scientific method, theology, theory, thermodynamics, time, tipping point, transform, transhumanism, tree, turkish, vegetarian, walden, waltz, weave, wicca, wine, wluw, wolfberries, world religion, zen